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  • 50% of the rental fee for anytime after reservation has been made
  • 100% of the rental fee for anytime within 10 of the event

Our employees work hard prepping all customers orders to keep up our standard of excellence. Because of the high demand on most items, there is a cancellation fee once the rental has been agreed upon and money has been taken. Please note the cancellation fees described below. 

Cancellation Policy

A. No, the customer is responsible for any damage and/or missing equipment. Kansas Rental is not responsible for any injuries arising from use of our equipment. We reserve the right to decline setup in an unsafe enviroment

Q. Is there insurance on the equipment?

Q. Who will run the equipment?

A. The customer will run most equipment, but there are exceptions. Ask our consultants about the items you are interested in.

A. Some items may require power. Some items come with an extension cord and generators are always an option for rental.

Q. Do I need power supply?

A. Some items have already been priced with delivery and pick up, and are noted on the price sheet and website. Our consultants can give you a quote for delivery and pick-up on other equipment.

Q. Can I have everything delivered and picked up?

A. Many of the items are priced for carry-out and can be fit into most vehicles. Multiple vehicles may be needed to pick up your order. So plan accordingly, and dont forget that delivery is available!

Q. How do I get the equipment to my event?

A. Be prepared with a back-up plan in case of inclement weather. There is a cancellation fee for any non-rescheduled events!

Q. What if it rains?

A. The customer is responsible for the safety and security of all equipment and users until returned to the store or picked up by us.

Q. Who is responsible for the equipment at my event?

A. Weddings- We allow extra time for weddings. You can pick up on Friday and bring it back by Monday for the one day charge. This excludes anything under the Carnival and Inflatable category.

Carnival & Inflatables- Most items have either a 4-hour price or a day price. Day prices are based on 24 hours from when you pick up the item.

Q. How long can I keep the equipment?

You may reserve by signing the contract and paying 50% of the total, including tax and an additional security deposit price.

Carnival and Inflatable items are $50 deposit on top of the rental and tax, and must be paid with a credit/debit card

Q. How do I reserve the equipment?